Welcome to Oca Brasil

Wood and Sustainability:

Oca Brasil, a genuine brazilian company, mixes the beauty of the wood with it’s people handcraft in order to create it’s mosaics. All the products are manufactured with a great respect for the environment where no waste is left behind for future generations.

The products are made of certified teak wood from plantation in Brazil (according to FSC Standards). Our wood is also treated for moisture and termites.

There are several applications for the product : wall coverings, decorative panels, doors and also in furniture projects. It has outstanding acoustic and thermal control properties besides its beauty.

Instalation, Maintenance and Warranty:

Installation is very simple and can be performed by professional with basic knowledge of carpentry.
The product is glued on the surface previously leveled and dried. Clean only using soft brush or wet cloth.

We do not recommend the installation in areas with permanent water contact or direct sun exposure. The use of any Oca Brasil`s surfaces in areas with permanent water contact, such as swimming pools, will void its warranty.